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April 6, 2011 10:13 am

Guest Post From SEJ Writing Services on SEO copywriting

How To Create Persuasive Content That Ranks Well In Search Engines


A good SEO copywriter is a skilled writer who has the knowledge for tuning in to the needs and desires of the target audience. By recognising the importance of links these desires have to be well established before that content will show up high in the search engines.

The often unknown ‘force’ that makes someone make a purchase online can cause others to link from blogs, bookmark, vote, and retweet from social media platforms. The emotions may be in a different context but it is easy to see that by providing value and irresistible benefits in the form of content, these two elements of buying and commenting are in themselves, linked.

So for the SEO copywriter, being paid to write copy that converts readers to buyers, he or she is battling against changing search algorithms, and the immense energy generated by the ‘power of the people’. He also has to be aware of developing a flair for writing content that’s inviting to share and to link to – for social media sharing to bring links and traffic as the reward.

When a search engine knows what the page is about and who might find it of interest, the copywriter has achieved optimization. If people are looking for a particular product, there’s a fairly strong chance they’re looking to buy it.

Well, considering billions of people are making billions of searches each month it’s a busy online activity. It is powered by highly motivated, yet everyday ‘drive by your site’ consumers wishing simply to find the right product to buy to suit their needs. At the same time, they are usually willing to share their opinions and comments about that product or service with the other billions driving past.

Therefore, by targeting the right search traffic, you give yourself a fantastic chance to make conversions and allow browsers to become buyers.

Get SEO copywriting right and you open up a wonderful doorway of welcome.

Hey, get writing, it’s business as usual.


This post has been written by SEJ Writing Services, a team of SEO copywriting experts based in South West London.

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