Social Media for Business: Where to Start

June 5, 2015 9:38 am

There are still many business owners that fail to see a role for social media within their marketing strategy. To some it can feel like the line between business and personal is blurred and that having a social media profile undermines their professionalism. However, even for those who are sceptical about social media, there are opportunities that could help them to achieve business goals.


If you are new to social media for business, the obvious place to start is with LinkedIn. This is regarded as the most business focused social media platform and the vast majority of connections and posts are business focused.

Linked in offers a forum for individuals within a specific industry to connect and discuss current issues or share good practice via forums. It can be a useful place to build on relationships that have been established at networking or other business events. It can also be useful for sourcing geographically local suppliers of business products and services.

LinkedIn also offers you an opportunity to promote your company brand. You can create a full profile which shares your values, the goals you are working towards, your achievements and your passion for your industry. It can help your business to become more memorable, so people have it in the forefront of their mind when they need what you offer or are making recommendations to others.

LinkedIn and Recruitment

LinkedIn is possibly best known as an effective recruitment tool. It helps companies to find talent that may not see recruitment agency or local media adverts and it helps employees to find companies that they are interested in working for. This means that whether you are an employer or an employee, it is important to keep your profile engaging and up to date.

For employers that may want to attract new talent, it is advised that you set aside at least a few minutes every day to post, comment and respond on this social media platform. Every post should focus on the core message that you want to promote and should be aimed at your target audience.

The posts should celebrate the achievements of your company and individual employees; it should share your expertise and recognise how you are tackling challenges.  This type of activity will help you to engage with other relevant people and expand your reach.

Success on any social media platform is a result of developing relationships through engaging communication. If you want people of the right calibre to look at your company profile and feel a desire to work for you, you need to work at it. You should avoid simply posting job opportunities, with minimal activity at other times.

LinkedIn also offers tools that allow you to monitor interest in your profile and posts. These help you to understand your level of engagement, your reach and which content is more or less appealing. Such data can be valuable in informing plans for future campaigns and posts.

Is it Time to Embrace Social Media?

There are around 300million LinkedIn members, which include 15million in the UK. With the right approach and a daily commitment of around 10 minutes, your company has the opportunity to promote the brand, connect with valuable new suppliers and customers and find the next high quality recruits. If you would like support with setting up, building and maintaining your profile on LinkedIn or any other social media platform contact Urban Media: