Opportunities on Social Media

July 10, 2015 10:43 am

Social Media has provided many new opportunities for businesses and consumers to interact and engage with each other. It has provided an opportunity for small companies to get noticed amongst the big players. In many cases these SME’s have been quicker to adapt to technology and customer demands, which has given them a head start in build a following.

Social media has made it easier for consumers to share their opinions of a company, its products and most specifically its services. Savvy businesses have encouraged this feedback and used it wisely to inform change, improve their customer service and to make business plans.

Unlike traditional marketing and communications, social media offers the chance for instant and responsive interaction. A topical event can spark a relevant post, a customer comment can be answered immediately and a promotion can help to fill empty slots in the diary. Clients can post pictures from their phones, whilst they are benefitting from your services or using your products.

If you are new to social media, Urban Media can provide advice and practical support with building an active profile. The important thing is to see it as a two way conversation with your favourite customers.

You really need to commit to posting on a regular basis and in the same way as you would avoid repeating the same thing over and over to a customer, your content needs to be varied in its message and its format. You can include images, text and video as well as asking questions, posting polls or encouraging a response with competitions.

Join the Conversation

Another aspect of social media is to engage in the conversation of others. You need to set aside time to see what is being said about your company, your industry and discussions that tie into your ethos, geographical location and other relevant subjects. When you can add something of value, especially when it highlights your expertise, you should respond, comment and get involved in the conversation.

Twitter Hashtags

Even if you have never had a Twitter account, you are likely to have heard about Twitter hashtags. They are a way of people posting comments around a shared topic. As an example, if you were planning to attend a business conference, it might have a hashtag. By including this hashtag within their post, their post and others can be searched for. This makes it possible to engage in key topics of discussion with other exhibitors and visitors prior, during and post the event.

Twitter Chat

Twitter chat also uses hashtags to link people with a common interest. A topic of conversation is decided in advance and given a hashtag. Anyone can then join the conversation at an agreed time by including the hashtag in their post. Subjects are diverse, but you are likely to find some which are relevant to your company. If not, it is possible to set up your own Twitter Chat!

If you visit Twubs.com you can see a list of the upcoming discussions, typically for later on the same day. There is everything from travel, health and wedding chats to start up business, finance and sales advice or book reviews, eco tips and allotment hour. By joining the conversation, you can find out what the key issues are, share your expertise and build brand awareness in relevant fields.