Business Marketing Success

August 14, 2015 3:24 pm

Throughout the year there are regional and national awards that openly recognise business success. Companies that have put considerable effort into such categories as innovation, customer service, investing in employees or environmental improvements have a chance to get into the limelight for their achievements.

Award ceremonies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, however official recognition can have many benefits to the business. Primarily it offers fantastic publicity and provides greater opportunities to attract investment, partners and customers.

I am sure that we all know of deserving companies who consistently deliver and stand out from the competition but never get nominated for an award. Take a moment to consider who you would be happy to nominate as a top company in one of the many business award categories. What is it that we particularly admire, appreciate or respect about this business?

Now turn the tables and consider your own business. What award would your customers most likely nominate you for? What is it about your company and business practices that encourages new customers to knock on your door and keeps loyal customers coming back? What are the underpinning principles that you would like to be recognised for?

The reason that many businesses haven’t gained the formal recognition they deserve is their failure to enthusiastically share what they are good at in the content of their web pages and other marketing materials. How do you actively share your passion and company ethos with your target customers? Are your principles clearly communicated in your web design?

Steps Towards Business Goals

Many businesses are working towards business goals that aim to improve aspects of their industry. These might include enhancing the customer experience, focusing on sustainability or challenging the norm. However many businesses fail to share these aspirations and progress towards them with their potential customers. This can be easily achieved through the blog page of a website or on social media.

As consumers, we are looking to buy into companies which help us to achieve our own personal goals. If a business owner is looking for a suppliers that fit in with their environmental targets, then knowing that the Print Company down the road is working towards zero waste to landfill, even if they haven’t achieved it yet, could lead to a conversion.

Highlighting your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility may not seem like an important item on your business website. However, if as consumers we are keen to support our community, we might be influenced to buy from a company that sponsors a local event, donates unsold items to a local cause or allows its employees time to give support to a local school or charity.

Connect with Your Customers

Buying from a particular company is rarely a straight forward transaction; there are many factors that inform our decision and encourage us to buy from one retailer in preference to another. We may be led to believe it is all down to which company is leading the price war, but often our decisions are far more complex than price alone.

Connecting with your potential customers and sharing what you do well can help your business to stand out from the competition and gain market share. If you are looking for support with the layout and content of your web design, contact Urban Media.