WiFi on Daily Essentials List

January 20, 2017 3:03 pm

Responding to work emails, shopping, gathering travel information, transferring funds, checking social media, catching up on the news; these days we rely on WiFi to keep us connected.

Back in December 2014, a survey conducted by Amba Hotels revealed that fast, free and unlimited WiFi topped the list of priorities when booking a room for the night. When it came to factors that influenced choice, those surveyed put WiFi above a good night’s sleep and friendly staff.

In a recent survey conducted by Help Net Security, 40% of respondents stated that fast WiFi was their number one daily essential. Following on from the Amba findings, this 2016 survey found that 72% of travellers were influenced to pick a hotel and 35% selected to fly with a specific airline due to WiFi connectivity.

It seems that the population is increasingly determined to remain productive, responsive and contactable at all times of the night and day. This desire is having a noticeable impact on consumer choice and consumer pressure has resulted in many bus and train routes providing on-board WiFi.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

The fact that people want to remain active online no matter where they are means it is essential that your company offers a positive online experience. The following three points are top priorities:

  • It is now essential to have a mobile responsive web design, so your content can easily be viewed on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone.
  • A fast loading speed is also necessary, as the quality of WiFi connection can vary.
  • Clear navigation has always been a sign of good web design, but it has never been so important to have a simple, intuitive layout.

There are a number of other factors to consider when it comes to attracting and engaging website visitors.

Attracting Web Visitors

Rather than coming directly to your website, many visitors will find your pages via another online resource. Social media posts, paid advertising campaigns, directory listings are three examples and you need to invest in ways to promote your website elsewhere on the internet.

In order to attract visitors, you need to know what they are looking for and tap into that to tempt them to your pages. Who are your target audience and how can your company meet their needs?

Engaging Web Visitors

If you successfully attract interest, you then need to provide engaging content. A website should not be a static marketing tool; it is a chance to showcase what your business offers.  From case studies, events, news stories, product launches, new ranges and seasonal offers, your web pages need fresh content added on a regular basis.

Also consider how information is presented. Written content is important, but video, infographics and animations are a very appealing way to share your message with the viewer. Is it time to get creative with your content?

Systems in Place

If visitors find your website an decide to take action, you want to ensure that they receive the same service at any time of day and night. With the right systems in place, much of the process can be automated, so you can meet their expectations even whilst you sleep.

Web Design Company

An experienced web design company can advise on the most effective way to attract, retain and serve website visitors. If you are looking to upgrade your web design, Watford based Urban Media http://urbanmediawatford.co.uk/web-design-watford/ can assist. From small start-ups to established companies, we know how to deliver a strong online presence.