Email Marketing

Whether looking to re-engage your existing client base, keep in touch with prospective customers or launch an automated email campaign; our email marketing specialists are sure to have a solution for you. They will not only develop the strategy behind your email marketing, but also work with our in-house designers on creating an engaging design that is in line with your brand. Finally, they will report upon its performance with the use of leading tools.

Newsletter Campaigns

After spending years collating data from customers and prospective customers, you would be crazy not to utilise it within your online marketing strategy. Newsletter, whether weekly or monthly, are a greater way to do this. The key, however, is to ensure it features captivating design and offers up valuable content that ties in with your products or services.

Direct Response Campaigns

Whether you’ve got an e-commerce website or are running a content marketing campaign, a direct response campaign can prove incredibly useful. We’ll design the email, set-up the automation and prospective customers will receive a bespoke email when they perform a specific action. This could be abandoning their cart on your e-commerce website, downloading a whitepaper or subscribing to your newsletter.