Intelligent Business System Development

Why have your own business system?

Chances are your people are spending time on tasks that could be automated. The right application will give them that time back, whilst reducing cost and errors, and increasing customer satisfaction. This might be a simple system to connect your website to a financial package or an existing CRM, but can include a full-blown ERP system linking your manufacturing, purchasing, scheduling, sales and financial departments. This can make interdepartmental communications faster and more efficient. It also puts business information at the fingertips of those who need it instantly and across devices.

Our experienced business consultants work with you to understand your organisation’s needs. Armed with that information, our developers create a detailed blueprint and implementation plan. Then we involve our user interface designers who make sure that the system is easy to use and therefore more likely to be accepted by your team. This structured approach means that we have an enviable track record of on time delivery and has won us many awards.

Improve Efficiency

Through custom web applications we’ve helped businesses be more efficient, collaborate better as teams and integrate with other platforms.

Tailored for Your Business

Your business is unique. Bespoke application development can create an app that is precisely matched to your needs. We can build a system that fits you like a glove.

Enhanced Capability

Wondering how you can get ahead of the competition? Add more strings to your bow with a unique application to wow your customers.

System Development Projects

Our Work

We are extremely proud of our work; we’ve worked with many great brands of various sizes from all over the world to help them achieve their ambitions.

Meet Neil

Neil has been with Urban Media since 2013. He heads up all of our web application development projects.

He is responsible for creating detailed specifications, future-proof road maps and making sure your project achieves it’s objectives. Neil has worked with hundreds of businesses from local to international companies selling to both businesses and consumers.

This experience enables Neil to be able to manage the bespoke application development team to design web apps that improve the workflow, productivity and management of your business.

Neil loves to talk. Email him at

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We are an experienced web design and marketing agency and our team will work with you to identify and implement solutions that allow your business to become more profitable.

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