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Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising provides the opportunity for marketing campaigns that are more affordable, far-reaching, flexible and targeted than any traditional advertising method. Good PPC management will keep the cost down, and increase revenue from your online presence. Most people think of Google's AdWords management when contemplating PPC. With this method, you have more control over when and where your ad will be seen and who sees it than could ever be accomplished with leaflets, radio, newspaper or, television advertising. Creating an AdWords campaign is much faster than the other advertising options. You’re not waiting for designers and printers before getting started and you’re not waiting for the next edition of printed material to be published before anyone sees your ad. Once set up and running, it is possible to monitor, measure, and make regular changes to the campaign to continuously improve its effectiveness.

Getting things started correctly is vital to a successful PPC campaign. First, research must be carried out to determine the best key phrases to focus on. You must pinpoint your target market and find out which of the PPC key phrases will be most relevant to them. Google Ads (AdWords) are the most widely used, but for your business, it could be that adverts on a social media channel could be more advantageous. AdWords management requires looking at many factors. You must plan a monthly budget for your campaign and whether you want this spent evenly each day of the month.

You may wish to limit ad display to particular days of the week or even times of the day. You will know if you have a steady stream of interest in your products and services, or if there are peak times for doing business. You can also limit the ad’s showing to specific locations. Lastly, you need to identify which page on your website anyone who clicks your advert will be taken to, not just the Home page. If there is no obvious page, then you really should create a landing page for that specific ad.Once the groundwork is complete, you can set up a PPC campaign. When live, there are monitoring tools which can be used to follow progress and measure results. These provide invaluable information which can be utilised to make changes to the campaign to maximise impact and minimise cost. The key phrases that are failing to bring visitors, or failing to lead to conversions can be stopped and more of the budget can be channelled where the positive financial results for your business are strong.

PPC Management

If you are launching a new product, recruiting a specialist, promoting an event, starting out in business, or want to drive sales for a particular service, it is worth considering PPC. Urban Media have PPC Management specialists who will support every step of the campaign. From the initial key phrase research to monitoring and improving, we can ensure that you maximise your returns from PPC.

AdWords Management, PPC Management UK