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4×4 Vehicle Hire is a leading UK 4×4 rental company. It is made up of franchised offices around the UK, as well as the head office running various areas. Altogether, they offer a nationwide UK 4×4 hire service. Their fleet offers a choice of 4 wheel drive cars suitable for every need, although they specialise in Land Rover and Range Rover hire including Discovery 4, Freelander 2 plus Range Rover Vogue, Sport and the new Evoque.


4×4 Vehicle hire wanted to grow their business overall, but had the added challenge of growing the individual franchisees’ businesses as well. They had an upmarket offering with an uninspiring look and feel on the existing site. It wasn’t easy to navigate and there was no drive to generate requests for hire vehicles. This lead to confusing and unstructured site visits that ultimately lost viewers. They needed a system that could anticipate the intent of their customers, offering different cars for each franchise, with different prices.

The Question

Before any re-design the following questions were asked; Why wasn’t the old site resulting in the required traffic? How can the site be redesigned to appeal to the target market? What did the different franchises offer and how could this be communicated effectively?

Our Results

With growth being the primary desire, it was clear 4×4 Vehicle Hire needed a system that could manage each franchise individually. By redesigning the website Urban Media were able to maximize the results they could get from website visitors by creating a much more appealing look and feel. By focusing heavily on elevating the new branding, the new site was brought more in line with a premium and luxury market. The new website was much more proficient at differentiating the different cars they had for each franchise, whilst also giving details of the different prices and hire time periods. It was also made more SEO friendly though optimisation of the code. More calls to action were put onto the site, along with more ways of making contact. Urban Media ensured the new site would be expandable so it could grow as more franchises were added to the business.


Visits increased by 15.1% within 30 days after launch


Conversions increased by 57.8% in 30 days after launch


36.5% increase in conversion rate in 30 days after launch

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