CEFM (Centre for Education & Finance Management) provide a range of services mainly to educational institutes based around their policy compliance. These services range from access to an online database of policy documents, bespoke guidance services and consultancy.


Before Urban Media came on board there was no content management system in place. The amount of data that needed to be made available created a challenge to any new system being developed.

The Question

Before we embarked on creating a brand new system we asked the following questions; Who would have access to the system? What documents and information needed to be made available? How can the level of downloads be controlled?

Our Results

Urban Media created a bespoke system by putting together a detailed and in-depth content management system. The online portal allows subscribers to access and download policy documents and guidance notes. Once a school has signed up to the service, their employees are given subscriptions to the various modules. Each module is broken into sections and all modules are controlled through a bespoke content management system. This was specifically written to manage the process of maintaining the vast library of documentation. To help users find documents, an embedded search tool was created for the site. This allows searches to be made for pages of the site as well as within documents themselves with specific keywords. The site is secured so that only users with access to the relevant modules can download the full document. However, anyone is allowed to browse the web pages to see what documents are available; they are just not allowed to download them. To protect the site from abuse, a bespoke document protection system was developed to inform CEFM if any users are suspected of abusing the system. This is vital to help protect the intellectual property.

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