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Sienna X is a health and beauty company offering predominantly a wide and established range of tanning solutions. This includes tanning product and equipment along with accredited spray tan training for therapists. They are already the UK’s most used tanning brand for professionals (therapists). One of their business goals is to target the ‘stay at home’ mum enabling them to start their own enterprises and further building Sienna X’s professional market share.


Whilst redesigning the website and undertaking their SEO and social media campaign it was apparent Cherwell needed a more fit for purpose CRM system. Their existing one had many features that were redundant or were only accessible from a desktop programme. Their system was also unable to display their current 12-week job schedule and they were using an old-fashioned noticeboard to compensate.

The Question

Before we designed a bespoke CRM system, the following questions were asked; What processes need to be included and what could be discarded? How could the system reduce admin time and record and access information more effectively? How did the system need to be accessed?

Our Results

After all key users of the system were consulted; a bespoke system was created that fit the processes within the business. The aim is to reduce Cherwell Windows’ admin time and better record and access information. This will help to drive the business forward. The system is designed to be accessible from the internet as well as from a variety of devices. To solve the issue of the 12-week job schedule notice board, Urban Media created a scheduling system from scratch. This allowed the user to see all the fitting teams’ 12-week schedules via a drag and drop design. Also developed was an in-depth reporting system. This allows the management team at Cherwell to gain valuable insights into how the business is performing from the sales side, as well as operationally and financially. This provides feedback to the marketing team as to where to focus their attention to maximise the return on the marketing budget. A future development will also link the WordPress-based marketing website to the CRM. This will result in enquiries made on the site being automatically pushed into the CRM for follow up.

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