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Cherwell Windows are an independent, family run business that supply and install a range of high-end windows and doors in timber, timber alternatives and other materials. They have significant growth ambitions and aspire to be the ‘John Lewis’ of windows and doors, known for superior quality and service.


Having an effective SEO campaign that delivers the right type of customer to your website is the Holy Grail when it comes to developing a profitable business using the internet. Cherwell found they had the opposite. Their competitors were routinely beating them in terms of rankings in Google. The result was missing out on vital business that was drastically affecting their profitability. The keywords for which they were being found were for lower end business.

The Question

Before an effective strategy could be determined the following questions had to be answered, such as; What were the key phrases being searched for by their targeted consumers? How could we improve their Google rankings?

Our Results

Identifying key phrases that were business-relevant and used by their target audience improved the quality of their enquiries significantly. Getting those key phrases well-ranked drove good website traffic from their target audience. The combination impacted on their bottom line dramatically. The key component within this campaign was the integrated SEO campaign alongside the re-design of their website. Both were conducted by Urban Media and was a great example of how both disciplines work in conjunction with each other to provide business changing results.


7% increase in visits in 12 months


ROI on SEO investment increased by 109.4%


91.1% of key phrases on page 1

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