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Cherwell Windows are an independent, family run business that supply and install a range of high-end windows and doors in timber, timber alternatives and other materials. They have significant growth ambitions and aspire to be the ‘John Lewis’ of windows and doors, known for superior quality and service.


When you set the bar so high, every part of your user experience has to match the expectations that you present to your customer. As with many organisations, the Cherwell Windows website was ‘OK’, but it appealed to the masses and lacked the clear vision of who their target audience were. This resulted in fewer viewers booking meetings than desired. It also brought more viewers only interested in the lower end products.

The Question

This raised a series of questions such as; How do we ‘design’ a user experience that meets the expectations of our audience? How do we convert the right users into enquiries whilst turning away the wrong type of enquiries? How do we increase the number of meetings, not just enquiries?

Our Results

Urban Media took the time to truly understand Cherwell’s intended audience. We reviewed their buying style and preferences. Urban Media designers worked with our analytics and strategy team to create user journeys specifically aimed at achieving tangible financial results. This was based on the overall objectives of the business. By aligning the website redesign with the growth ambition, the results were compounded. A design was created that visually appealed to the target market. Multiple calls to action were added to encourage viewers to make contact.


66% increase in meetings booked 60 days after launch


Over 85% increase in average sale amount


ROI on internet marketing investment increased by 48.4%

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