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Keypart was formed in 1988 and has grown to become the leading independent supplier of replacement and genuine parts for most marine leisure engines.


Keypart was facing an uphill struggle to push consumers to their website and grow their business. They were getting visits, but not getting sales. They were unable to identify why this was happening. Keypart do not have a showroom, but operate as a mail-order company only. It was imperative they maximised every website visit, especially as they rely heavily on seasonal business.

The Question

The following questions were asked of the client before a strategy was agreed upon; Why were Keypart’s website visitors not converting into customers? Why weren’t site visitors returning to the site? How could Urban Media target the Keypart audience and bring them back to the site?

Our Results

As soon as Urban Media started working with them there was a focus on converting website visits to website sales. Several ads were created and directed to the appropriate pages. Active management of the campaigns identified language that improved click-through and conversion. The quality of the ads was improved to raise the ad position and performance. To help Keypart to grow online sales, Urban Media also addressed the issue of visitors not returning to the website with a re marketing campaign in Ad Words. This was highly effective at raising brand awareness and allowed them to capitalise on their key summer sales period.


126.7% increase in conversions in a year


76.7% increase in conversions in 30 days

Average ad position is position 1

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