Keypart SEO


Keypart was formed in 1988 and has grown to become the leading independent supplier of replacement and genuine parts for most marine leisure engines.


One of the key challenges facing Keypart was understanding how to push their visitors down the engagement funnel. Keypart were not growing their online sales, even though visitor numbers looked good. Previous campaigns by other online marketers had only focused on clicks through to their website. The lack of transparency meant they were unaware how their business was being affected by their SEO strategy.

The Question

This raised the following questions; What are Keypart’s audience looking for? What drives their audience? What will motivate them to buy from a website?

Our Results

At Urban Media we will always focus on sales conversions rather than click-through rates. To reverse the trend of getting visits and not sales, Urban Media extensively researched the Keypart audience in order to understand what their motivation was and what would drive them to purchase. With this information, a robust SEO strategy was formulated and implemented. Keywords that provided a buying signal were identified and those keywords were worked on to improve Keypart’s website rankings for them.


77.4% of key phrases on page 1


11.9% increase in conversions in a year


42.9% increase in conversion rate in a year

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