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Sienna X is a health and beauty company offering predominantly a wide and established range of tanning solutions. This includes tanning product and equipment along with accredited spray tan training for therapists. They are already the UK’s most used tanning brand for professionals (therapists). One of their business goals is to target the ‘stay at home’ mum enabling them to start their own enterprises and further building Sienna X’s professional market share.


The previous Sienna X website was not supporting this business objective as it offered out of date information. This was because their previous content management and back end systems were inflexible and difficult to use. This caused numerous issues for the website manager and other key members of staff, leading to hours of unproductive time being wasted every week. Although search engine rankings are necessary to drive a lot of these new ‘stay at home’ mums to the site, the website was not built in a way that made it search engine friendly. This kept targeted visitor numbers down.

The Question

This raised various questions such as; How can Sienna X keep the correct offerings up to date? Was there a better ordering and delivery service that would meet their buyer’s demands? How could a site be created that provided a ‘best in class’ user experience and be easy to manage by a non-technical web manager? What could be done to allow the search marketers to encourage search engines to rank the website better?

Our Results

Urban Media designers and online marketing strategists spent time with Sienna X to completely overhaul their existing user experience. This was a pen and paper exercise defining the best way for all stakeholders to use the site. This led to completely changing the visual feel of the site and user journeys. A fully operational ecommerce site was created that had a dual purpose supporting the professional market, yet also appealing to the home user. This change came from understanding who the ‘target customers’ were. A multi-functional system for the back end of the site was created. This allowed Sienna X to easily do things internally, such as offer more competitive pricing with a mix and match discount function. The site was also connected to a delivery management platform and Sage accounting which resulted in vital time saving. The end result was a website that offered a sound return on investment by saving huge amounts of wasted time and also increasing the ‘spend per transaction’. In addition, the site was built using search engine friendly coding and structure, which allowed for more effective SEO.


Conversions were up by 5.1%, 30 days after launch


Over 52% more visits after redesign


Bounce rate was reduced by 37.8%, 30 days after launch

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