Trio Ostomy Care


Trio Ostomy Care is a privately owned company that develops, manufactures, and distributes life-enhancing healthcare solutions. They have a strong history in developing innovative and advanced medical technologies.


Trio Ostomy Care operates in a specific market and is limited to which marketing channels it can utilise to sell its products to ostomates. The existing marketing channels utilised to reach ostomates were expensive and lacked a positive return on investment. Trio Ostomy Care needed a marketing channel in which they could precisely target ostomates in multiple countries whilst also reaching them en masse. Due to it being a new brand and introducing new product lines, building brand awareness and trust was key. Other marketing channels did not provide one-to-one engagement, which was essential.

The Question

Before undertaking a social media marketing campaign for Trio, the following questions were raised; How could ostomates be targeted in multiple countries? How do we build trust? Can we speak to them on a one-to-one basis? How can the success of the campaign be measured?

Our Results

Working closely with the client, Urban Media developed a dynamic, in-depth social media marketing strategy to target audiences in the UK and United States. Utilising consumer psychology and marketing specialists, their brand position and tone of voice was developed. An integrated social media marketing campaign with highly personalised messaging was created using Facebook, Facebook ads, Twitter, Twitter ads, Instagram, Instagram ads and YouTube. Getting the content right was imperative to the campaign’s success. Unique micro-content was conceived and created to build and engage their audience across social media. Alongside this, one-to-one engagement with ostomates around the world was undertaken. The site provides the opportunity to request samples of the product. Measuring the number of sample requests, to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns, allowed for continuous improvement.

Increased conversions internationally 67 times in a year


Cost per conversion dropped by 94.8% in a year


38.1% increase in social media traffic conversion rate in a year

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