At Urban Media we love our Beer o’clock. It’s a little tradition of ours that was rudely interrupted by the Coronavirus. We had 2 choices. Either get down in the dumps or seek out a way to help others going through similar traumas. That’s when we thought “Let’s create a Pub Quiz and invite the whole world”.

So here we are. We created a Covid-19 task force to create a pub quiz to bring everyone together in a super social, socially distanced way. We would love you to be part of it. Grab your beer (or another beverage of your choice) and join in. It is free to play and is our little contribution to keeping up the good old British spirit (which you are now decreed an international honorary member of said spirit).

Countdown to this weeks pub quiz

Rules Britannia

Here are the rules. Because we all need rules.

  1. Pick a name. It can be your real name, your company name, a made up name, any name. This is a family pub, so we will throw out those with rude names!
  2. Get ready to play at 4.30pm (Urban Media’s usual Beer o’clock time) on a Friday. The quiz will remain active until next Wednesday, but nobody wants to be late to the party. Do they?
  3. The quiz is timed with one question at a time with no going back. This is for fun guys. There are no prizes other than the satisfaction you get from joining in with the rest of the world in this little Pub Quiz.

Just so you know;

We will not share your details.
We will not use your details to market our services to you.
We will send you a reminder email each week, but again, not marketing!
This is a voluntary service created due to Covid-19, because we like to be social and we don’t want you to be distant!

Enjoy, and please share this quiz with others…