Social Media High Wycombe

Social Media Marketing from our offices in High Wycombe. Urban Media can provide you with the same great Social Media service as all our other offices.

To work well, social media strategy must have a clear goals. Start by identifying the type of people that will be interested in your offering, and engaging with them. Social media isn’t as complicated as it would seem. For instance, if your target customers are only in High Wycombe and are small businesses, you’d focus your social media in High Wycombe with High Wycombe based social media users. Take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of social media marketing management.  We will provide understanding of which social media channels would be best for your business, and get the right activities started.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, you need to find them, connect with them, and build a following audience. We can help. We’ve helped many other clients.  Our service is very flexible when it comes to social media and can include a mix of doing it for you and training, so you can be in control of your activity. Working this way helps you to ‘stay with it’, makes it personal, and gets results from your social media marketing.


Remember, social media is about interacting with your audience. Good ways to do this are to provide tips, advice, interesting content and simply ‘befriend’ people. As you gain trust and build rapport, people come to know, like and trust your brand.  They are then more likely to buy from you. Your audience will recommend you to others by promoting you on their social media channels. This is all before we even think about the huge benefits that social media has on your SEO and getting your website to the top of Google!


We are well aware that keeping up with social media while still doing your ‘real job’ can be tough. Don’t worry! We’ll keep you informed with the latest updates and social media news. You can rely on us to do the bulk of your social media management, of course, if it really isn’t ‘your thing’ or if you simply don’t have the time! The point is that we can do as much or as little as you decide, based on the level you want to be involved.


Facebook – Very popular consumer social media channel.

Twitter – quick and easy, useful business tool. Great for directing people to other content.

Google+ – slowly taking off, but it is the one to be involved with for SEO! (Search “social media High Wycombe”!)

Pinterest – a social network to share images. Think mood boards. Excellent if you have products to show.

YouTube – a search engine for videos , but also a social network.

LinkedIn – B2B networking site. Primarily white collar.


When you look into it, you’ll find that everyone knows all about social media, but barely anyone actually grows their sales through social media. Our clients are among those that do.  Having been involved with internet marketing since 1997 (before Google was founded!), we have been with with all the social media channels from their beginnings. We know how they work! We don’t  recommend that clients use all the social media channels. Some won’t help your sales at all. Take the first step and contact us. We will help you grow your business with social media marketing.