Social Media Salisbury

Imagine that all of Salisbury, or even all of Wiltshire was talking about your business. Social media marketing is about increasing awareness of your business. Social media is becoming more and more important to any business’ marketing strategy. It’s not just the ‘next big thing’ it is the current big thing. Social media is often misunderstood as to how it is best used and how you market your business and is therefore avoided. Using our expert social media help, you’ll be saved from hours of wasted activity, while we conduct effective social media marketing for your business.


A truly effective social media management strategy starts with having clear goals. This means knowing what consumers you are targeting. Who is most likely to want to use your product or service? If your target audience (potential customers) are only in Salisbury and are start-up businesses, you need to focus your social media marketing around Salisbury based users. With on our knowledge, we can make use of the social media sites that will work best for your target audience.

After you have identified what social media sites your target audience are, you will connect with them. We help you to do this, or even take the whole process on for you. We can offer a mix of doing it for you or social media training so that you are in control of the activity and understand a lot more about it. You won’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount effort on your social media accounts.

Social media marketing is all about engagement. You should provide tips, advice and ‘befriend’ others, encouraging them to interact with you. Thus, you gain their trust and build rapport. With that, they are far more likely to buy from you and view your services online. They will even recommend you to others by promoting you on their own social media channels.

Keeping up with social media updates and knowing how to make best use of them for your business can be difficult and time consuming. We manage that too, by providing the latest updates and social media news. Of course, you can rely on Urban Media to do the bulk of your social media management if you just don’t have the time, or it really isn’t ‘your thing’!

Facebook is a very popular social media channel, but are your potential customers looking for what you do whilst on Facebook?

Twitter is often misunderstood. Twitter is a quick and easy, useful business tool. It works well to signpost people to other content.

Google+ is Google’s social media channel. It’s slowly taking off but it is the one to be involved with for SEO!

Pinterest is a more niche social network. It is the fastest growing site to date and is a network to share images and works well with product images.

YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine and is another Google product. A search engine for videos.  It is also great for SEO.

LinkedIn is the B2B social network. It is best suited to professional services. Business to business sectors get the most from LinkedIn.


What should you do next? Today it seems everyone has become an expert on social media, but not many businesses are actually growing from their social media marketing. Call Urban Media Salisbury. In business since 1997, we have been using the social media channels since they were created.  We’ve tested them all, and most importantly; we know how they work and don’t work for all kinds of businesses. We don’t recommend that every business is on every social media channel. Some are not going to benefit you. Discuss with us how to grow your business (in Salisbury or further afield) from social media marketing.


For Social Media Salisbury think Urban Media!