WordPress Web Design / Development

Looking for a feature rich website or even a simple brochure site, but want to manage the content yourself? These days, you want control of your website and an easy way to regularly update the content should you wish to. We understand that. In fact, we encourage it! You should be pro-active with your website and we have the perfect solution for you to be just that.

When it comes to managing your own website content, WordPress is the most popular and widely used Content Management System (CMS) available. There are many good reasons for this and at Urban Media we have not only adopted WordPress design into our options of web development technologies, but we actively promote the solution where appropriate. Our web designers have gone so far with this system that we can create a completely bespoke solution that is underpinned by WordPress giving you the best of both worlds; an easy to use CMS, with no limits!


There were over 74 million WordPress websites worldwide in April 2012. It’s growth is accelerating.


new WordPress sites are created every day.


of all content managed websites (CMS) use the WordPress system. The next most used system accounts for just 9%

There are 2 ways to design for WordPress. Firstly, the ‘normal’ route of creating a custom design using a design package. Secondly, WordPress templates are a fast (and therefore more cost effective) way to get a great looking website quickly.

Bespoke WordPress Web Design

We create bespoke designs in the traditional way of using Photoshop to create a visual (or multiple) that we can tweak until you are happy and then commit that to a WordPress Development. With this option, your design truly is bespoke. There are no limitations imposed by the fact that you will be benefiting from a content management system. That’s the difference between web designers that can use WordPress and WordPress only developers. We can of course make your site mobile friendly (responsive) as we could with any other method of website development.

Professional WordPress Templates

If you are on a tight budget or the specific details within your design are not important to you, you can opt for our template designs. They are more restrictive of course, but that doesn’t make them any less professional looking. The decision really is yours and based on your budget and priorities. By using a template design, you can have a fully mobile responsive website for as little as £715. Want to see what our professional looking WordPress templates look like? Just click here and we’ll show you!

WordPress Web Development

What do you want your website to do? Urban Media work on all web technologies, so you can be sure that we are advising you on the best option not just the one that suits our preferred style of development. The reason we recommend WordPress Development where it is appropriate is the massive time and cost saving. Where you still retain the features and functionality that you want and we can save your budget, it is a win-win. After all, we want to provide you with the best solution in the most cost effective way. Why not try our quote generator to see whether we can create the site you need using WordPress design/development. Just click here and within minutes you could not only find out, you could have a full quote for how much the project will cost.