Is your website agonisingly slow?

Have you ever been to a website that is slow to load and clicked off as a result? If your site is one of those then you are losing potential customers. Importantly, Google hates slow websites and penalises them in their rankings.

Features & Benefits

How we’ll speed
up your site.

We have included some technical terms here as it is a technical task but we
have done our very best to explain what these actually mean.

Pre & Post Work Reports

It is very important to us that we can show you the exact improvements that we have made to the performance of your website. Therefore we will provide you with a detailed pre-work and post-work report.

File Optimisation

There are a few things that we have to do here but the general idea is to reduce the amount of work the computer has to do when reading your website’s files. This includes reducing spaces and line breaks within the files so that there are less characters but also combining files so that the computer has less files to read.

Image Resizing & Optimisation

Imagery is a common cause for websites performing poorly. It is usually the reason for your website slowing down over time. We will make sure that the images are the optimal size in both dimensions and file size.

Website Caching

Now this is something that you might not have heard of before. This is when someone visits your site and their computer will temporarily save a copy. Meaning when they go to another page and come back, their computer doesn’t need to load that page again. It is just lightning fast.

Works Best With

Our Premium Hosting

This speed optimisation package will certainly make your site faster than it currently is. However for optimal performance you should consider our premium hosting solution and pair this with the speed optimisation package. Our premium hosting solution is optimised specifically for WordPress websites and will provide the best platform for your site to perform to its maximum potential.

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