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You may well be getting a good amount of traffic to your website but are you seeing the results within your business? We will track, report and optimise your website to make sure you are converting that traffic into real business leads.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

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Initial Questionnaire

We will ask you to fill in a questionnaire each month. It will inform regarding what you are trying to achieve. We do this monthly to ensure that there is no change in your business objectives and to monitor progress.

Funnel Mapping

We will map out  funnels that a users go through to get to an end goal (a conversion). Initially we will use best practice techniques to improve these funnels. Then, using the data collected from the heat mapping and analytics tools, we will improve these funnels to make them more efficient and effective.

Messaging Review

We will evaluate the text on your website and its messaging. We will identify areas of improvement and inform you how you might get more customer interest with how you present your company’s offering.

Analytics Reviews

We will dive into all the data that your website’s analytics provide to identify areas where the website users’ journey doesn’t make sense or could be improved.

Page Speed Analysis

One of the key reasons your website viewers leave your website will be the speed in which the pages load. We will analyse this and work out ways to improve the load speed of the website.

Heat Mapping & User Tracking

We will set up a heat map and user activity recorder on your website. This provides many insights into how your visitors actually use your website. From this we can make recommendations regarding how to improve the website’s performance in achieving your goals.

General Website Analysis

This is about using industry best practice to make your website as fast, easy and efficient to use as possible.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

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