Web Design Considerations for 2017

A new year provides the opportunity for a fresh start. Is this a good time to refresh your company’s online presence with an updated website design? If you are considering a web design project, for a new or established business, there are a few important considerations that may influence your online marketing strategy and design

WiFi on Daily Essentials List

Responding to work emails, shopping, gathering travel information, transferring funds, checking social media, catching up on the news; these days we rely on WiFi to keep us connected. Back in December 2014, a survey conducted by Amba Hotels revealed that fast, free and unlimited WiFi topped the list of priorities when booking a room for

Visual Impact in Website Design

Marketing your business online is no walk in the park. With such extensive competition, you simply can’t afford to fall short in any aspect of your interaction with customers. It’s not enough to produce or stock a great product or offer a valuable service, you have to consider how you can best serve your customers

Mobile Driving Sales for UK Retailers

The convenience of online shopping has had a significant impact on customer behaviour. The ability to shop outside of trading hours and to have goods delivered to your door the next or same day has encouraged greater numbers of consumers to favour the internet for shopping. Without the need to find and pay for a

Budgeting for a New Website

Your website can play a pivotal role in marketing your business. It can provide visitors with the information they need to convert to customers, it can keep existing customers returning for advice, competitions or technical details and it offers a clear reflection of your business practices. Depending on the nature of your business, you may

Just five years ago the majority of businesses wouldn’t have had a mobile friendly website. Today, however, a business without one would undoubtedly witness a drop in online conversions and poor SEO rankings. As a growing number of consumers ditch their desktop PC for their smartphone or tablet. In this article I’ll be delving into