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Our approach

Isn’t it better to drive more people to your site? Yes, but only if they are the right people. It’s easy to spend a fortune with an online marketing company acquiring traffic. In our experience, but it’s possible to spend less whilst winning more sales (if that’s your goal). The way we do this is by understanding your business, your ambitions and your customers. We then craft the best strategy to maximise your return on investment. Once we’ve implemented the strategy, we continuously monitor and share progress. We then find ways together with you to improve and ensure you really are achieving your goals.

We start off by asking a simple question: “What do you want the campaign to do for you?” For some clients the objective is increased online sales, others want lead generation, for some it is footfall in a shop, for still others it is downloads of an app or information. The marketing strategy and platforms (or mix of platforms) that are best suited for the various objectives can be very different.  We find that our internet marketing efforts on behalf of our clients is far more effective when we are in tune with the marketing plans for the entire company. The joined-up thinking produces faster and better results.  

Then we create the best online marketing solution for you, using a blend of:

Social Media

We connect your brand with a highly targeted market, thus allowing you to engage customers. This will drive online sales or manage your reputation. We conduct both organic and paid ads campaigns on all the best platforms, because that is how interest in your offering is built.


This is often the most cost effective way of bringing the right people to your site. We have the knowledge and experience to get you to the top of the page for phrases your potential customers are searching for. As a result, more targetted traffic comes to your site.


Pay-per-click can be more expensive but will show results much more quickly than other channels. We are experts at targeting your desired customers, thus we can better manage budgets to get the best result at the lowest spend, and tailoring messages to maximise results.

Email Marketing

Because email marketing has moved on from indiscriminate spam, we became skilled at creating automated, personalised email campaigns that your customers will be pleased to receive, because that will demonstrably grow sales, even in the era of GDPR.

Full service digital marketing company

Our Work

We are extremely proud of our work because we’ve successfully worked with many great brands of various sizes from all over the world to help them achieve their ambitions.

Meet Jim

Jim, with 13 years working in digital marketing, is a highly analytical thinker with a background in the corporate world and marketing experience.

He takes a holistic view on clients’ marketing requests, because of his diverse background. Jim digs into what goals the client has for their campaigns and explores their company image, business flow, and products and services. As a result, with the greater understanding of clients’ businesses, he can work with Urban Media’s team of specialists to establish the best channels to work in, and the best structure for campaigns to achieve clients’ goals.

Jim loves to talk (no, really!). Or email him at


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