Email Marketing Company

The ultimate goal of any search and social based digital marketing should be to build an audience that you can market to on your own terms. With search, you are waiting for people to come to you. With social, you are playing in someone else’s playground. Working with a good email marketing company, you will finally ‘own’ the relationship and can tailor your marketing messaging to the individual you are communicating with.

How does it work?

Understanding your audience and personalising your messages are just the start of a successful email campaign. Segmentation, timing, automation and action-based triggering all work together to make email marketing a valuable part of your integrated digital marketing plan. Where search and social bring people in, email marketing builds their value to your organisation (lifetime customer value).

Example Campaign

As a fully GDPR compliant email marketing company, we developed an understanding of our client’s audience, we created various automations that presented bespoke messages according to previous purchases and actions taken during the campaign. Using optimum open rate timing and intelligent (GDPR compliant) tracking, we were able to achieve 17.4% click-through rates and $56,000 of revenue for an online school over a 2-week campaign. Further campaigns performed with similar results by phasing the email offer.

To learn more about the holistic approach Urban Media takes to coordinate various marketing channels, branding, and our clients’ approach to their businesses, please see our Credentials Brochure.


click-through rate

of revenue over 2 week period ($)