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Is your website delivering the returns you need? Whether you use other forms of marketing, SEO (search engine optimisation) or don’t currently advertise. Google Ads is the ideal platform to increase traffic to your website. Unlike other marketing channels, Google Ads delivers qualified visitors to your website. Best of all you only pay when someone clicks your ads!

How Google Ads can benefit your business

Campaigns can be created quickly and you will see traffic within hours of setting up an account. Unlike traditional SEO efforts that can take months to deliver similar levels of traffic. As a long established PPC Agency, Urban Media offer a fully managed Google Ads management service, we know when someone visits your site and when they turn into a sale or lead. This enables us to understand how profitable your campaigns are, constantly monitor and improve your performance. You dictate the monthly click spend and our management fee remains the same based on the number of hours we need to meet your objectives. Google Ads is a fantastic way to increase sales enquiries for new and established websites. For more information about how our PPC management service can help you get more leads and sales, get in contact with our team today.

Types of campaigns we can manage

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Why choose Urban Media for your Google Campaign Management?

Fixed Pricing

No complicated pricing structures that fluctuate every month. We keep it simple with a fixed monthly fee based on the work needed to meet your goals.

Regular Meetings & Calls

We provide detailed reports every month and are happy to arrange frequent meetings to discuss progress and future strategy.

Measured Results

We setup analytics conversion tracking to ensure that emails, calls and sales that are received are recorded to ensure you know your ROI.

30-Day Rolling Agreements

We provide monthly rolling agreements with no long term contract. We aim to get the very best from your spend, but any time you wish to cancel you are free to do so.

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Already using Google Ads? Find out how your Google Ads campaigns can be improved, for FREE!

When it comes to your digital marketing for products or services, we can use Google Ads (online advertising) to help you connect with potential customers.

If you have already have existing paid search in place, we can perform google ads audits as we are experts at managing google ads campaigns for any size of business. Urban Media have worked on many google accounts including search ads, display ads, shopping ads and video ads for a varied range of businesses. Choosing Urban Media to manage your Google Ads will save you time and money by using an agency.

Our Google account managers are your guide to Google Ads, and can help tailor your ad copy and landing pages to improve your click through rates. Then based on results, we can suggest negative keywords to help drive the right traffic to your site.

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Google Ads Review

Find out how your Google ads campaigns can be improved, for FREE!