Frustrations of the Online Shopper

In this article we bring to you some of the common frustrations that internet users cite as ruining their online shopping experience. The reason is to highlight the value of getting things right on your own web pages, so you can attract rather than repel your visitors.

Internet shopping has grown in popularity because it offers convenience and choice. When the website has been designed with the user experience in mind, the results can be excellent, but this isn’t always the case.

Loading Times

According to research undertaken by the Retail Forward Company, 26% of respondents stated that slow loading times were the greatest frustration. No one wants to watch the rotating circle turning in front of their eyes and other research suggests that after 3 seconds of waiting over 40% of searchers would have clicked away onto a competitor’s site.

An ecommerce website design can include a high volume of content, but this shouldn’t lead to excessive loading times. If this is an issue on your web pages, a web company can help speed things up to an acceptable level, so you don’t miss out on potential custom.

Content Overload

35% of respondents said that excessive amounts of information on a page made it difficult to find what they want and take in any information. Good web design will include blank spaces, varying sized fonts, ordered images and clear navigation to help visitors to process the information.

Keeping things simple is especially important on mobile responsive web designs, as it is important that visitors can read content and locate what they want on a small screen. If your current pages are an assault on the eyes, it’s time to invest in a simplified version.

Pop Ups

You click onto a webpage and a large pop up blocks everything you are looking for. Surely you need to see what the company has to offer before you sign up, register or undertake any other action? Pop ups are the online equivalent to cold calling. You may get a little business from them, but you are ruining the experience for and putting off many other potential customers in the process.

Hidden Charges

New laws have reduced the issue of hidden charges, but there are still companies who aren’t providing clear information on the actual cost of the entire item. It can be so frustrating to spend time filling a shopping cart, to then be faced with excessive delivery charges, VAT or other costs which bump up the bill. This is a common reason for people abandoning their online carts, so no one wins when it comes to hidden charges.

Not as Described

If we do find what we are looking for and make a purchase, it can be highly frustrating when we don’t get what we expect. This could be in terms of the product itself or in other aspects of the process such as delayed delivery times or damaged packaging.

Your product images and descriptions should be detailed and honest. In addition only promise what you can reliably provide for every customer, even on the busiest days of the year, and then everyone’s expectations are met.

If you need some of these issues ironing out to improve your website designUrban Media has the expertise to help you provide a far more positive user experience.

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