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There have been some significant shifts in consumer purchasing habits in recent decades. In order to respond to these changes, companies have had to alter processes, principles and approaches in their business. Marketing is one area where there have been considerable shifts.

In the past marketing was closely linked to sales; the two went hand in hand. People typically went shopping in their nearest town or city, so the range of options was restricted. Marketing focused on publicising your business, so people knew where to find you and the goods you sold.

The internet has not only broadened the market, it has also given consumers a greater awareness of the level of service, standards and morals of the companies they are buying from. Marketing has now become focused on building loyal relationships with customers and proving that your business can satisfy their requirements.

Customer Service

One thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of excellent customer service. If she didn’t receive good service, a housewife of the 1970’s may have chosen to walk a little further to a greengrocer who was friendly and personable. She may have shared her disregard for the local store with neighbours and friends.

In the same way, a modern shopper might be willing to pay a bit extra for a product where the company has a top rating for quality, reliability or delivery speed. If they received a product or service that was inferior to their expectations, they could share their grievances on a review site or social media.

The Marketing Team

It should be recognised that whilst one individual may take the lead, marketing is part of every individual’s role; every employee is part of your marketing team. The relationship between you as the supplier and the customer can’t be assigned to one individual. Arguably the people in your customer service team are more important to your marketing strategy than your latest advertisement or printed brochure.

Social Media

Building rapport with existing and prospective customers is now an important aspect of marketing and social media offers the perfect resource for this interaction. On the right social media platforms, you can reach your customers, answer their questions, share your business passions, request their thought on new products or services, promote special offers and add personality to your business.

When you deliver on your promises and get rewarded with great reviews, feedback or industry awards you have a platform to share this evidence of your success. Equally, when someone has taken exception to something, you have a chance to openly respond in a fair way, which also speaks volumes about your business.

Social Media can also be valuable in finding partners, associates and even potential recruits with common interests, passions, expertise and skills.

If you would like to use social media as one of your marketing strategies, but you have yet to find the time to make it happen, Urban Media can assist. Our team will work with you to understand the message that you want to market and how best to communicate this online. Don’t ignore this free and valuable resource, let Urban Media make social media work for your business.

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