Web Design Considerations for 2019

A new year provides the opportunity for a fresh start. Is this a good time to refresh your company’s online presence with an updated website design?

If you are considering a web design project, for a new or established business, there are a few important considerations that may influence your online marketing strategy and design plans.

Video Content

You should strongly consider including video content as a means of engaging your visitors and encouraging them to spend longer on your site. Live video streaming is a growing trend; with events, training, product launches increasingly featuring on websites in real time. Live video extends the reach of content that has previously been limited to a select few.

It may not be appropriate for your company to incorporate live video streaming in your web design, however this growing trend highlights the fact that people like to absorb information in video format. By simply including and regularly updating a web video, you can take a step in the right direction when it comes to visitor engagement.

Augmented Reality

Interactive experiences are filtering into the digital world of business marketing. With a range of Apps, more companies are looking at ways to further enhance the user experience by using augmented reality. Virgin holidays have been one of the first to take this technology into stores providing an interactive 3D experience of their destinations and it is likely that many more brands will follow suit.

Again, this may not be appropriate for your business, but take on board the growing desire to provide an interactive and personalise the user experience. What web design functionality could allow you to engage with web visitors?

Data Analysis

This is nothing new, but it is becoming ever more important if you want to make informed decisions and gain the competitive edge. Every web design should include installation of Google Analytics and your web design company should provide a basic introduction to it.

By finding the data that is relevant to your business, you can make alterations to your website to enhance its performance, see the impact of other online marketing campaigns and learn more about where your web visitors are coming from. Making data analysis a greater priority and using it to make business decisions is a path to success.

Forget Static Web Design

Online marketing trends, digital technology and consumer habits are constantly changing. Your online presence has to keep pace with this change, so your company needs to avoid a static website that remains unchanged for years.

With an easy to use Content Management System (CMS), you can ensure that the images, video and written content can be regularly updated without the need for a costly and time consuming process. Ask your web design company for an integrated CMS when discussing the proposal.

Web Design Company

If you are looking for a web design company that understands current trends and how to apply them to your online marketing, visit Urban Media’s Design and Development page. We have been building websites since 1997 and have successfully embraced a wide range of changing trends in order to ensure our customers achieve internet marketing success.

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