Chiltern Solar

Chiltern Solar is a UK based company specialising in the designing, supplying, and installing solar panel systems for both commercial and domestic locations. They have a strong focus on sustainability with their mission being to help reduce carbon emissions in line with EU directives and the UK’s climate change goals. 

The Challenge

Chiltern Solar came to us in the summer of 2023, looking to improve their Google Ads account which had been suffering from an increase in target cost per aquisition (TCPA).

The Solution

Our approach and strategy for Chiltern Solar involved a comprehensive examination of their Google Ads campaigns. We focused on refining their search campaigns with targeted keywords and creating persuasive ad copy to resonate with their audience. Initially, we dealt with their original badly formed keywords causing irrelevant searches, leading us to implement more refined keyword strategies in stages, which helped lead to less unwanted/ irrelevant clicks which allowed us to utilise their budget more effectively to get more relevant clicks with higher chance of converting. We ran various experiments to find the best formula for TCPA, to lower their target aquisition.

Since working with us in July of 2023 we have seen the Click Through Rate ( CTR ) increase by 2% and their TCPA dropping by 22.6%. We constantly look to continue to improve Chiltern solar’s ads and refine their audience to bring them more success in the future!


Thank you Urban Media for your help and valuable advice over the past few months, it’s been good to have your expert advice to help us improve our marketing efforts. Thanks again, can’t recommend you highly enough!!

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