IQ Furniture Digital Marketing

IQ Furniture is a retail outlet selling high-end, luxury Italian designer furniture. Situated in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, they have a 20,000 square foot showroom.

The Challenge

IQ Furniture was running Google Ads utilising the services of an agency. They were not sure the campaigns were producing as many leads as they thought were possible. They questioned whether the ROI was even close to where it should be.

The Solution

We asked the questions:
  • Were the ads being targeted at the right audience and being shown in the correct locations?
  • Were the ads written to appeal to a wealthy target audience?
  • Was the bidding strategy correct for this market?

On first getting access to their Google Ads account, we found several things that could be improved immediately. The ads were being shown to anyone who searched for the targeted keywords. We limited the showing of the ads to the target demographics. The ads were then re-written to ensure that the viewers would know that this was high-end furniture to limit clicks from people who were looking for inexpensive furniture. We also changed the bidding strategy to most effectively utilise Google’s artificial intelligence to obtain more lead at a lower cost.

IQ Furniture

After only 1 month of our efforts:

  • Conversions were up 10.5 times
  • Cost per conversion was 10.36% of previous month
  • Click-spend was about the same

After 21 months:

  • Conversions were up 18 times
  • Cost per conversion was 3.77% of the cost when we started
  • Click-spend was 32% lower

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