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Kelly Executive provides chauffeur-driven luxury cars in the London market. Kelly Executive was established in 1972 and has the experience to provide a friendly, customer-focused chauffeur service.

The Challenge

Kelly Executive had been running Google Ads for some time but questioned whether the cost was worth it. They were getting some enquiries and bookings through ads, but the cost per enquiry seemed high.

The Solution

A number of questions were addressed in order to deliver the best results:

Were the ads being targeted at the right audience? Was the budget for click-spend being allocated correctly? Were the ads written in a way to generate conversions with the target audience? Was the bidding strategy going to be the most efficient?

In the first month of our work, we found that the geographical targeting was not set correctly and made that adjustment. We also found that the age demographic included people that Kelly did not want as clients. The bidding strategy was to manually decide the maximum cost per click and not use Google’s artificial intelligence to maximise conversions at the lowest cost. All these things were corrected and new ads written.

Kelly Executive

In the month before we began work, there were 34 conversions at a cost per conversion of over $52.  The following month We generated 82 conversions at a cost per conversion of £22. The month after that we generated 113 conversions at a cost per conversion of just under £16.

The client was so pleased with the results that he asked us to take on a sister company’s Google Ads account, which we did with very similar results.

Kelly Executive

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