Parajet Website Design & Development

A leading brand in the design, innovation, manufacturing and retail of powered paragliders. Parajet needed a site that reflected this but also made it simple for their customers to buy spare parts and the paramotors themselves.

The Challenge

Parajet had only 7% of market sales but a superior product, there is was a clear opportunity to grow Parajet across the world. An enhanced website was always going to be a key tool in achieving this, as well as better reflecting the Parajet experience for potential buyers.

The Solution

We focused on improving the user experience in a number of key areas, these were:

  • Mobile Experience
  • Dealer & School Locators
  • Being More Attractive to New Paramotorists
  • Saving Parajet Staff Time

The site was designed and built using a mobile-first approach which maximises the websites effectiveness on mobile devices.

We developed dealer & school locators to allow new paramotorists easier access to these facilities, while also providing Parajet adequate tracking to see where new enthusiasts are in their journey.

Parajet Screens

Parajet used to waste an enormous amount of time on the phone with customers who needed to order spare parts for their paramotors. We developed a system showing blown-out diagrams of each engine with every part numbered allowing customers to simply find the part they need, type in the number and add it straight to their basket.

Parajet Screens

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