All Print Supplies Website Development - From Catalogue Organisation to a Fully Integrated Ecommerce Solution

All Print Supplies, a leading supplier in the printing industry, sought to revolutionize their online presence with a comprehensive and efficient digital solution. Our collaboration began with a pivotal task: to transform their extensive product catalogue into a streamlined and manageable online system. The initial goal wasn’t to launch an ecommerce platform but to organise their vast product range in a user-friendly manner. Urban Media was poised to take on this unique challenge, leveraging our expertise in website development and system integration.

The Challenge

The primary hurdle was the complexity of All Print Supplies’ product catalogue, which required an innovative approach to organisation and display. Initially uncertain about venturing into ecommerce, they needed a flexible solution that could evolve with their business objectives. The integration of their unique CRM system, essential for managing stock and orders, posed a significant challenge. No existing solutions could seamlessly link their CRM with a prospective online catalogue, necessitating a bespoke approach to ensure fluid communication between the two systems.

The Solution

Urban Media embarked on this journey by constructing a robust website on the WordPress platform, utilising WooCommerce not for sales, but as a dynamic organisational tool. This approach allowed All Print Supplies to test the waters of digital cataloguing without fully committing to ecommerce initially.

As the concept proved successful, the focus shifted to developing a comprehensive ecommerce solution. The crux of this phase involved creating a custom integration between the website and their specialised CRM system. Our team developed an innovative solution that enabled real-time synchronisation of product catalogues, stock levels, and order management between the website and the CRM. This bespoke integration ensured that the two systems could communicate effectively, automatically updating content, stock availability, and seamlessly reporting orders.

The result was a streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly ecommerce platform, tailored to meet the specific needs of All Print Supplies. The new system not only enhanced their online presence but also improved internal processes, setting a new standard in digital solutions for the printing industry.

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